From a young age I have travelled a lot and later I settled for
decades in Southern Europe and in South America. All along I have been
inspired by the imagery of the different cultures.
Artistic diversity has become a defining feature in my work. I use a
wide range of motifs, techniques and ways of expressions. The
materials can be water colour, acrylic, oil, charcoal, pencil and pen
on surfaces such as stone, wood, iron, canvas, paper or other.

Photography, as an independent art, has also high priority. I prefer
series of selected themes.

I try to transform figurative motifs into more abstract images, some
times combining both.

Dreamy, raw, strange, mystical sceneries open to interpretation might emerge.
The narrative element is often characteristic and I hope to challenge
the spectator to cause an inner monologue or maybe a new horizon.
To me an artwork is transformation, heart and spirit, not only
technique or a concept to repeat.

Social and political engagement, insatiable curiosity and wonder push
me to create. The most insignificant element can fascinate me and grow
into visual art in the long term.

When I teach I am always trying to expand and find the unique aspect of my students.  For that purpose I have developed my own method, using both brain halfs.